BIT PhD School

BIT Joint School for Information Technology

There is no doubt that Information Technology (IT) is the enabling technology in almost all sectors of daily life. Therefore, timely and sustainable investments in IT become crucial to prepare and strengthen the partner regions for the growing world-wide economic competition.

The Universities of Bozen/Bolzano, Innsbruck and Trento invest substantial resources towards the strengthening of their teaching, research and technology transfer programs in IT.

While each single university is a competence center for its region, a strong collaboration has the potential to establish a competence region at the European level. The Computer Science departments of the partner universities in Bozen/Bolzano, Innsbruck and Trento are all relatively young but already have achieved substantial contributions. The joint project "BIT School" aims at further strengthening the educational and research excellence in the region by using synergies and maximizing cross-fertilization in the areas of education and research.

The BIT school fosters the collaboration in IT among the three partner universities by encouraging the mobility of students, teaching and research staff between their institutions, as well as supporting common research projects:

  • Double PhD / mobility of students: The BIT Joint School Certificate is in place to those students desiring to study in the three Universities.
  • Mobility of teaching and research staff: The BIT School facilitates the exchange of professors and researchers among the three Institutions.
  • Common research: The BIT School encourages the possibility to carry out common research projects.
  • Joint seminars: The three partners have started a successful series of joint seminars and tutorials held by world-class researchers and experts from industry under the BIT label.
  • BIT fellowship programme: In addition to the above measures we plan the establishment of a joint BIT Fellowship programme which shall allow to invite world leading researchers and scientists at all three partner locations.